Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has been funded by Calando Research Corporation since 2004. Calando Research Corporation is a holding company that forms, acquires, and operates portfolio companies commercializing innovative nano- technologies. By working closely with leading scientists and universities, Calando identifies the latest advances in nanotechnology and matches them with product development opportunities in high-growth markets.

Calando is currently focused on the electronics and biotech industries. Providing strategic management, financing, and operational services to its portfolio companies, Calando takes an active role in their development, keeping the business and technical development teams at the portfolio level focused on near term revenue opportunities and capital efficiency. Calando’s strategy is to maintain or build a majority ownserhip position in each portfolio company, thus providing significant exposure to their growth. Calando’s ultimate goal is to monetize the value of its subsidiaries through an initial public offering of subsidiary stock or a sale of a subsidiary to another company. Alternatively, Calando could retain ownership of subsidiary to capture its continuing cash flow and income.

   Calando owns a 79% stake in Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc.