IT-101 Completed a Phase I trial in October 2008 with a positive safety profile and indications of efficacy.

Cyclosert & IT-101

Partnering to extend the reach of our technology.

Cyclosert™ was designed by Calando's scientists for the delivery of small molecule drugs and provides many of the same benefits as the RONDEL™ system. Calando completed a Phase 1 trial with IT-101, the associated drug candidate that is comprised of Calando's proprietary drug delivery polymer and Camptothecin, a potent anti-cancer drug, with a positive safety profile and indications of efficacy. In June 2009, Calando entered into agreements to partner Cyclosert and IT-101 to Cerulean Pharma, Inc. ("Cerulean"), a Boston-based biotech company.

Under the terms of the agreements, Calando granted Cerulean an exclusive royalty-bearing worldwide license to certain patent rights to Cerulean related to the linear-cyclodextrin drug delivery platform and IT-101. Calando retains the rights to its RONDEL platform, as well as the CALAA-01 lead drug.

  • 04/21/09
    Abstract – AACR Meeting 2009. Read
  • 04/21/09
    Abstract Poster – Toxicokinetic and Pharmacokinetic Study of IT-101 in Humans with Refractory Solid Tumors. Read