Calando's proprietary RONDEL siRNA delivery system is the most advanced for systemic delivery.

RONDEL™ Benefits

Benefits of Calando's RONDEL Technology

  • More Effective Delivery
    • RONDEL binds to and self-assembles with siRNA to form uniform colloidal-sized particles. Analysis has shown that these particles are spherical and less than 100 nm in diameter, which allows for accumulation at the tumor site.

    • Calando and its partners have demonstrated successful delivery of functional siRNA therapeutics to tumor cells and to hepatocytes by systemic administration and confirmed sequence-specific gene inhibition.
  • Modularity
    • RONDEL is a two vial system with the active siRNA included in one vial and the delivery excipients in the other, allowing easy exchange of the active siRNA ingredient.
  • Fewer Immune Reactions
    • The delivery vector allows for repeat dosing with no indication of significant, dose-limiting immune reactions. Unlike lipid delivery vehicles, the cyclodextrin-based RONDEL delivery system does not cause an interferon response.

    • The fully formulated polymer/siRNA particles exhibit a significant therapeutic window of safety in animals, even when repeated doses are used.
  • Increased Stability
    • The particles have been shown to be stable under physiological conditions.
  • Designed to Work With Human Physiology and Cell Biology
    • Overcomes the extra- and intra-cellular barriers to siRNA delivery.